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How to keep your cool when your boy has lost his!

We’ve got boys!

Hi, I’m Tosha Schore. I’m a parent educator, and I’m committed to creating a more peaceful world, one sweet boy at a time. We’ll start right in your home where you’ll build a strong, loving connection with your boy. You’ve read books, followed blogs, browsed articles, and maybe even taken a parenting class or two, so why is life with boys still so hard? Well, parenting is no joke! For most of us it is the hardest job we’ll ever have, and none of us can do it alone. You deserve to be appreciated for your hard work, and well-supported on your parenting journey. I’ll fill your toolbox, boost your confidence, and be your personal partner in parenting. And believe me, I’ve either “been there” or helped someone who has.

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Raising Boys!

Together we will:

  • Identify your parenting goals
  • Tackle what stands in your way
  • Learn specific parenting tools that work
  • Draw a roadmap to your goals
  • Become a community you can count on

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Parenting Tips

Have you ever been so free with your love? How about your pride? Your worry? Your anger? If we look closely, those places where we really struggle with our children are reflections of our own challenges. Learn strategies to Care for Yourself, Connect with Your Kids, and Handle those Hard Moments on my blog.

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Every parent is good.
Boys are good too!
Everyone can parent in a way they feel proud of, regardless of their past.
Every parent is doing the best they can at every moment.
With support we can all do better.
With a basic understanding of brain science and some simple tools, we can help our boys overcome unworkable behaviors, and create a more peaceful world.
Pretense is our enemy, working only to isolate us from one another when we need each other most.
With community, we can overcome even the toughest challenges.
Parenting is extremely important work. For most of us, our children are the biggest legacy we will leave.
All parents deserve to be appreciated and well-supported in the raising of their children.