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My big mission: Create a more peaceful world, one sweet boy at a time!

You’re feeling hopeless and at wit’s end. You’ve tried everything. You’re exhausted, frustrated, self-critical, and worried. Are you doing something wrong that your child is struggling so? If he’s having so much trouble now, what awaits you in those dreaded teen years?

I want you to turn away from anyone sending you or your boy messages that he is bad, or that you’re at fault for his struggles. Their intentions, I’m sure, are good, but the weight of such criticism hurts both you and him so deeply that it only makes life’s daily challenges harder to bear.

Instead, let’s remember the facts…

Your boy is good. He’s doing the best he can. And the same is true for you. Unfortunately, that best isn’t offering you the family life you had dreamed of. All that means is you guys need a bit of help. No shame in that!

Here’s where I come in.

Let’s stop hoping and praying that family life will improve on its own. Instead, how about we look your struggles in the eye, and start using strategy, connection, limits & play and get you into good parenting shape so you can guide your boy towards cooperation, peace, smart choices, and a big happy life!

Love your boy. Shift his behaviors.

Love yourself. Shift yours.


Working with Tosha has been nothing short of life altering. It’s just like magic… Everything shifts… And there are more smiles, and more play and more of everyone feeling good.
– Jalayne, USA

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Parenting Boys Peacefully:

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It’s not about simply managing the moment. It’s about how to help your child heal, function better, and feel closer to you…The peace this (knowledge) brings, in the midst of what seems to be chaos, is invaluable.
– San Francisco Parent

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You won’t find a smarter, more energetic parenting coach than Tosha Schore. And the skills she will teach you will stick with you throughout your parenting career.
– Patty Wipfler, Founder and Program Director, Hand In hand Parenting

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You are one of the great resources that I have been fortunate enough to find!
– Joanna