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Mother’s Day IRL

I logged into FB midday on Mother’s Day because I was feeling like crap. I know. A bad idea. My unconscious hope was to escape my disappointing reality of a day that was NOT going my way. Instead, I immediately headed down the FB rabbit hole, where all sense of time and human relationships disappear. There were, for sure, a few links to interesting articles, but mostly I found myself tripping over photo after photo of picture perfect Mother’s Days of picture perfect families. Walks on the beach, picnics in parks, breakfasts in bed. And everyone was smiling!

“Wow,” I thought to myself. “Those people really have this parenting thing figured out!”

Self pity set in.

If you want to know what my Mother’s Day looked like IRL (without the FB-colored glasses), read on…


Finding Friends and a Community That Really Have Your Back

The last couple of years have been hard ones. I’ve been let go of by people who I thought were close friends, and have had to re-imagine my idea of community, letting go of communities that no longer matched my values or supported my family, and creating community in unlikely places. READ MORE>

Help me, please!

“Have you heard about the woman who confronted a mother about her tantruming child in a line at a California department store and was clocked by the mother?” READ MORE>

Let’s cut the pretense, guys!

Sorry if I’ve offended you by calling you “guys”. “Guys” has become a gender-neutral term in my lexicon. I guess it’s a rollover from my home life with all the guys…

A client of mine once told me that she’d read a ton of books and consulted with various experts, but that she was never able to implement their suggestions in the moments when she needed them most. She said, “Tosha, you have the HOW of parenting!”

I hope you enjoy Part I of my six-part series on the HOW of parenting our little guys. (There’s that “guy” again!)