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Desert Inspiration

Happy New Year!

I’m fresh back from a retreat in the desert with three colleagues (and dear girlfriends), and re-energized for 2016!

There’s something magical about the desert that revives an energy inside me. I’ve only now discovered this magic in mid life, as I was raised along the Pacific Ocean in the cool mist and the shade of the redwoods. READ MORE>

My Secret To Surviving Setbacks

Well, this week’s “HOW of Parenting” topic comes at the perfect time! I’m on day five of having a sick kid with a fever and itchy, ugly hives coming and going every few hours.

I know you can relate. Maybe not to my son’s symptoms, but to mine: worry that he has some horrible disease he’ll never recover from, sadness that he’s so uncomfortable, frustration that I can’t get anything done, and exhaustion that completely skewes my thinking. Basically, if left to my own devices, I would spiral downward quite quickly. READ MORE>

Finding Friends and a Community That Really Have Your Back

The last couple of years have been hard ones. I’ve been let go of by people who I thought were close friends, and have had to re-imagine my idea of community, letting go of communities that no longer matched my values or supported my family, and creating community in unlikely places. READ MORE>