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5 Minutes of Special Time Makes a Difference!

I’ve known for an embarrassingly long period of time that our days would be sooo much better if I could find a way to have special time with my oldest son first thing in the morning. It’s been a challenge because my husband leaves early and I’m on my own with three boys, rushing to get them all ready for their days. Oh yeah, and I have  to get myself ready as well!  In addition, my boys don’t generally wake up on their own either so I always have to get them up. READ MORE>

Glass Castle or Guarded Fortress?

I’m finally reading The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. (I know. It’s old. But I had little kids for a lot of years, and didn’t get to read much.) It’s riveting. I can’t put it down. It has everything that makes a good read: a glimpse into another’s world, suspense, humor, horror, love, and good writing. I can’t wait to crawl into bed each night to read it, and I’m repeatedly looking at the clock and muttering to myself, “Just one more chapter.” I read books about people because I love the sensation of being removed from my current life and venturing into someone else’s. I parent my own boys, and then coach others in parenting theirs. Enough! How much parenting can one woman do? So I leave the dusty bottles in the liquor cabinet, and I turn to books. READ MORE>

Reasoning with the Unreasonable

I felt like a little kid today in the library when I took a break from (home)work to have a snack, only to be scolded by the librarian.

“I’m sorry, but there’s no eating in the library.” READ MORE>

The Car Ride From Hell That Didn’t Really Bother Me

It’s been a long, hot summer here in our new home. We have gone from North America to Middle East, freezing ocean to warm sea, English to Hebrew (but I’ll keep my posts in the former), urban to rural, family dog to no dog, burritos to falafel, no cousins to tons of cousins, driving lanes as guides, to driving lanes as mere suggestions for placement of your vehicle (which most choose to ignore), many friends to many future friends…

Oh, and there was the month of chicken pox, baseball dreams that didn’t come true (more on that another time), broken down cars and a new dryer that didn’t work (not that we need it in this heat)… I could go on.

The point is, though, that while I’m ready to scream at the top of my lungs, “Yahoo! School starts tomorrow! We made it!” The reality is that each of the five of us is a well of emotions pounding the shore much more like the waves of the Pacific Ocean than the Mediterranean Sea. READ MORE>

A letter to my son on his bar mitzvah


It really does feel like yesterday when you were still Choco, tucked away all cozy and warm in my belly. I remember sitting in Savta’s apartment just down the street from where we are now and having our first heart to heart. It was June 18, 2002 somewhere around 2:30 in the afternoon. READ MORE>

Talking to Young Ones About Sex

Just tell the truth. READ MORE>

What We Want For Our Children

How not to confuse your own unfulfilled desires with theirs. READ MORE>

Finding the Sweet Spot

It’s that place where we can help our children dream big — and give them the tools to make those dreams come true. READ MORE>

On Being Late

I am truly in awe of how gracefully my 8 year old wears his lateness. No hesitation. No sense of guilt. Not even a flicker of wonder as to what others might think as he struts into the school office to pick up his late slip, his morning smile lighting up the room. READ MORE>

When there’s no easy answer to the question…

Why do our kids think we know everything about everything? Can I just tell you right now that I know next to nothing about space, including which suns or moons rotate around which planets (or is it the planets that do the rotating)! This means that I don’t remember why it’s winter in New Zealand when it’s summer here in San Francisco (that feels like winter), or why it’s a different time here than in the Middle East. I also don’t know how electricity works, so I cannot explain to my son how, when he plugs in the light, it turns on. In case you’re wondering (like my 10-year-old), I also can’t recall who the Californios were, and how they petitioned for Ranchos. READ MORE>