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May 8-17

How to Stop Your Boy's Aggression

with Tosha Schore
Your Partner in Parenting

it doesn't matter if your boy:

💥Has frequent meltdowns in public.

💥Screams mean things at you at the smallest request.

💥Is hitting, kicking, or throwing when things don't go his away.

💥Or is showing any kind of aggressive behaviors.

Over 10 days, you'll get:

🙂 Tools to help you respond calmly in the midst of your son's upsets

😊 Strategies for replacing punishment with connection

😊 Tips to help you listen more and yell less

😊 My approach on how to stop bartering with your boy in exchange for his good behavior

😊 3 educational videos

😊 3 LIVE group coaching sessions

😊 A supportive FB community of over 5K parents like you

And more!

No matter your boy's behavior, he can change.

"The loving, kind child who'd been buried beneath anxiety and rough edges has emerged." ~UK Mom

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