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After meeting with you twice my family life has literally changed almost overnight. Thank you!!!! Between saying no firmly & acknowledging my sons feelings to “no”, I feel like I am enjoying my boys like I always wanted to. I feel calmer and my kids are calmer!

I also wanted to thank you for listening to me as I realized that saying yes to myself is something I need to work on. I feel really good about standing up for myself and letting go of things. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your listening and kind words. I appreciate it so much!


I highly recommend working with Tosha and the Parenting by Connection tools. Not only can this radically help your child’s day to day behavior, but the confidence these tools offer you as a parent are priceless. It is invaluable to know, when you are in the trenches with your children, that not only do you have tools to turn to, but that these tools are ultimately the best thing you can offer your child. Its not about simply managing the moment. Its about how to help your child heal, function better, and feel closer to you. There are lots of ways to parent, but none make me feel better about how I’m raising my children than the tools Tosha can offer. The peace this brings, in the midst of what seems to be chaos, is invaluable.

Parent from Summer Program, SF Bay Area, USA

You are one of the great resources that I have been fortunate enough to find.


I had one session with Tosha when I was feeling completely stuck with my 11-year old boy. In one hour she helped me identify my fears, gain lots of understanding of my kid’s behavior and gave me specific and doable tools for everyday parenting. In merely 2 weeks our home has dramatically changed for the best: kids more relaxed, parents more joyful, and lots of playtime for everybody. Tosha helped us enjoy our family life like we never did before. I cannot thank her enough.

A grateful mom from Walnut Creek, CA, USA

I came to work with you after being a student instructor at Hand in Hand Parenting. I liked the direct and effective way you worked with people during support calls, and saw how you did your own work very deeply during classes as well. These helped me to begin to trust you, and trust that you could give me the kind of support I needed. This has proven to be true. I’ve done some deep emotional work with you during our consultations, and I’ve seen the benefits in myself and with my children. Sometimes it’s as immediate as being able to take on a challenge the day after I’ve cried hard about how hard it is to do, such as when I was nervous about a school social function at my daughter’s school. Other times, it shows in more gradual changes, such as growing closeness with my son after I’ve been able to talk, cry, and rage about all the reasons it’s hard to be close to him. One thing that has surprised me is how effective the work can be over the phone. I didn’t know that, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Living as I do on the east coast, and in Canada, and you being on the west coast in the U.S., it’s the only way we could speak regularly, and I’m glad it’s working! I don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

Sandra Flear, Independent Mental Health Professional, Canada

I contacted Tosha when my toddler began experiencing sleeping challenges.  Tosha asked me a couple of questions and then immediately was able to give me simple tips that I could employ the next night, explained the big ideas behind these actions, comforted me and validated my feelings and experiences in this challenging situation and also suggested some longer term supports for my daughter, my partner and me, all in a 30 minute call.   Within about three days we were back on track. A year later the longer term approach and techniques still ring true and I understand and can support my daughter so much better.  I also appreciated learning from her that our family’s experience is normal and can be addressed.  Tosha’s support and reassurance, combined with her thoughtful, proven methodologies got my family back to sleep and improved our interactions overall.

Robin Mencher, Berkeley, CA, USA

I personally recommend Tosha Schore as a parent coach/consultant.
Tosha has three growing boys of her own, and she is a trainer of Parenting by Connection, a unique approach! She is a warm, supportive, knowledgeable, non-judgemental, and wise person – truly a great resource for parents! She can really make a difference, and provides important information that resonates with parents of children age 0 – at least 12, I know for sure!

By taking her classes (one by phone and one in person), I noticed a change for the better in my connections with my sons, and it is SO great to know that if we go through a rough time, I can go to Tosha and expect improvement in our lives!

A grateful mom from Walnut Creek, CA, USA